Tantawan restaurant & Bar offers Halal food of both Traditional Thai fare and European dishes too and a wide variety of coktails to savour and enjoy. Simply sit back, relax and enjoy the experience.

Our elegant and stylish restaurant is situated next to the reception and allows some magnificent sea views. The open plan restaurant is roomy yet cosy.

Thai cuisine is a modest yet ingenious blend of East meets West influences uniquely combining many different flavours such as our, sweet, salty, bitter and spicy flavours which all work together to make each dish truly come alive on your taste buds.

Thai food varies a little upon which particular area or region of Thailand the particular dish originates from. These regions include the north, northeast, south and central.

Thai food is well known for being spicy and it may come as a little bit of a surprise to learn that in recent year’s Thai food has been toned down a little as it used to be a lot spicier than it is now. However, over the years fewer and less spices were used in Thai curries, while the use of fresh herbs, such as lemon grass and galangal have been increased.

Thai food has many various types of vegetables as a key ingredient. These can be found in many different curry dishes some with a drop of coconut milk, stir fried, salad, and also eaten with chilli pastes.

Thai food has very healthy ingredients with small quantities of fat and meat. Thai people are blessed in their fat consumption being far less than most that of the West indulge in.


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At Tantawan Restaurant we will cater to your own particular taste, so allow us to take you on a tantalising taste spectacular as you explore all that is wonderful in the world of Thai cuisine.

Many popular southern Thai dishes eaten originate from traditional Chinese dishes which were introduced to Thailand by the Chinese. Thai dishes such as Thai Red Curry which is a little spicy, Tom Ka Gai (coconut milk soup) Gai Praew Wan (chicken sweet and sour dish) however, Thai people adapted and modified these dishes for local Thai flavour and taste.

Signature Dishes

  • Spicy Fried Curry Paste meat with Rice
    Choice of meat available
  • Spicy Fried Chilli Paste meat with Rice
    Choice of meat available
  • Stir Fried Meat and Bell Pepper with Rice
    Choice of meat available
  • Stir Fried Garlic, Pepper and Meat with Rice
    Choice of meat available
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    With extra opions
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