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Nestled into the bosom of the Kamala hills lies Villa Tantawan Resort and Spa, a spectacular collection of luxurious Villas all overlooking the glistening Andaman Ocean on the famous west coast of Phuket.

Kamala is an old fishing village and even today you can still see the long tail boat fisherman fixing their nets and preparing their vessels for fishing.

Although tourism has definitely taken over as the number one income for the delightful local people of Kamala, whose illuminating smiles intoxicate all those that stay here, you can still see the old traditions still in place down at the southern end of the beach.

Kamala is a popular location for retired couples who come to bask and enjoy the all year round sunshine, the friendliness and the peace and quiet that Kamala resort offers is a serious attraction.

Kamala beach is one of the most discreet beaches on Phuket, lying only ten minutes from Patong Beach and Surin Beach which lie to the south and north respectively.

Many folk flock each year to Patong but those looking for things to be a little slower and relaxing come to Kamala, for here you can really just lay back and take it easy and enjoy the day as it slowly ticks on.

The beach itself is quite long and runs from South to North; it is surrounded by a wonderful hill side which is covered in a lush tropical forest, it truly is a gem in the crown of Phuket.

Along the beach road you will find some exquisite restaurants severing up mouth-watering local dishes there is also international cuisine available too. Also you can find some very quaint little bars where you can grab a small bite to eat and a refreshing cold beer or even enjoy a relaxing cocktail while you watch the sun setting.

Also dotted along the beach road you can find several small souvenir shops, mini markets, tailor shops and dive shops in between the shops you will find one entrance to Kamala Beach.

The White sandy beach dazzles and the surrounding waters glisten in the sparkle of the sun. The emerald sea has an inviting temperature that barely drops below 28 degrees all year round.

On the main road that runs through Kamala, you can find even more bars and restaurants, there are also several banks and a post office in the south end of the beach and towards the northern end you can find Fantasea.

Fantasea is a real crowd pleaser a huge 140 acre entertainment arena, with a huge restaurant offering fine Thai and European cuisine; there are handicraft and souvenir shops, although the highlight is the spectacular Thai themed show.

You are treated to an outstanding extravaganza of Thai cultural and historical shows, with stunning special effects and magnificent animals grace the stage to entertain you and your family.

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